Visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral of the Relic of Blessed Carlos Acutis

In this the 150th year anniversary year of the dedication of St. Patrick’s Cathedral the Archdiocese of Armagh is pleased and honoured to welcome the visit of the relic of Blessed Carlos Acutis.

Young Catholic Carlo Acutis was an amateur website builder and is most known for recording Eucharistic miracles from across the world on a website he built before passing away from leukaemia in 2006. He was known for his positive attitude, giftedness with computers, and intense devotion to the Eucharist, which became a recurring theme in his life.The day before the 14th anniversary of his passing, October 10, 2020, saw his beatification. Young people today can look up to him as a role model and source of inspiration and the Archdiocese of Armagh warmly invites young people from the parish to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the two day visit of the Relic in June.The relic will be welcomed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 11am Mass on Sunday 11th June and will leave immediately after 11am mass on Tuesday 13th June.