About Parish Finance Committee

Our Parish Finance Council is mandatory in Canon Law. Its members are appointed by the Pastor of the Parish. (Canon 537)1

It is widely recommended and recognised that a Parish Finance Council should be run along similar lines as those of the Diocesan Finance Council as dictated by Canon Law (cf. Canons 492 – 494).2

The Parish Finance Committee consists of clergy and lay people from our community It has regular meetings (three to four times a year at least) and the Parish Finance Council assists the Parish Priest in:

  • Ensuring that the proper books are kept and that accurate annual accounts are prepared and submitted at the due time
  • Preparing budget of income and expenditure
  • Comparing budget with actual results
  • Fundraising, Gift Aid, etc,
  • Banking and investment of surplus funds
  • Managing borrowing and repayments
  • Maintenance of buildings and development projects (including access for the disabled)
  • Safeguarding and conserving all parish property
  • Safeguarding boundaries
  • Reparing an inventory
  • Ensuring that rents are collected
  • Agreeing terms of employment for parish employees


Fr Gerard Tremer

Eugene Small

Pat Campbell

Con McKeown

Mary O'Neill

Claire O’Neill